sun and sea

                                                        What are this two talking about?

After a lovely week in Barcelona I was more than ready to spend a day by the sea. And that's what I did. Got the last train back to the city at 10pm, lovely day. I wish my friends were here, it looks like this summer will be a very good summer after all. Hey. Check out my bright pink nails. I think the pink&pics colour is slowly invading my life. LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

MOVING IT NOW: Lost in Barcelona.

MOVING IT NOW: Lost in Barcelona.: "wearing; vintage shorts customized by me, Aldo heels. My first 'full' day in Barcelona. I am kind of loving it. So many new exiting proje..."

Lost in Barcelona.

wearing; vintage shorts customized by me, Aldo heels.

My first "full" day in Barcelona. I am kind of loving it. So many new exiting projects ahead. Today I was running around with Juliana from pink&pics. I am not sure if I have chosen the right shoes to "run" around but hey. Loving it. Will keep posting, fun fun fun.


I can't get enough of my red lips. Ahhhhh. I did get enough of all this work, essays and dissertation.
Help. I just want to start my internship.

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In my head right now.

So, I am writing an essay on Shakespeare. All I have been looking at is this type of clothes. I love all the details and colours. Did you know they used all types of materials to make the clothes, even gold. A single dress could take up to months to be done. Now we know where COUTURE started.
 But what's up with the hair?  

People and things I love.

                                                                                                                                                    phone pic.

My nephew wearing my Wayfarers, he rocks it. I love, love, love him. Today I fell like I have been hit by a truck. Soooo tired and so much to do still. As soon as I get a new camera i will post pictures of my sunglasses collection. 

if I could have any inanimate object!


This is what I wore for Halloween last year. Inspired by Anna Dello Russo. Made it myself out of a vintage dress. Revealing hey. The mask is amazing.
Sorry about the quality of the pic, it is a phone picture. good enough hey.

NY I LOVE YOU. Jan/11.

I just love NYC. Who doesn't ? The girl on the first pic was just seating there with her little notebook, wonder what she was writing about. Don't you just love my friend's tights with the ants all over it. So fun. Unfortunately all the pictures I had from this trip were in my old lap top which was stolen. No I did not had any back up.  xxx


man shoes.

Flowers everywhere. Jade and her dress

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros concert. London Old Vic Tunnels.

Their concert was amazing. I am sorry about the quality of the pic. It was taken with my bb.


                         Lipstick. RUBY WOO by MAC.


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Dress by BCBG, shoe Aldo, necklace by Paloma Stipp, hair piece vintage. 

The happy couple.

Silvia Silli, Pancho, Paloma. 

Fierce nails, the necklace was made by me. 

love my big nose.

End of the night.


Wore it for my birthday party. Sorry, I was in no conditions to take a pic of the whole outfit.